“MIR MONTANA” LTD – Machine manufacturing is located in Montana city, North-West Bulgaria.

“MIR MONTANA” LTD – Montana is a company of the machine manufacturing branch, and was established in 1951. The company disposes of area of 144 000 m2 of that 35 000 m2 covered area.

The company is specialized in the manufacturing of:
Mobile and stationary belt conveyors, designed for horizontal and sloping transportation of different kinds of loads in mining, metallurgy, cement, chemical and etc. idustries.

We manufacture spare parts for all kinds of belt conveyors, as follows:
- rollers – with guarantee high quality, corresponding by DIN, bearer of gold medal of 55th International Trade Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Warranty 24 months.
- drive stations;
- tensioning stations;
- roller ways;
- self alignment stations;
- cleaners ans scraped ploughs.

Steel structures and platforms, roller decks and roller ways used in the different production lines for car plants and cargo-transport lines for airfields.

Non-standart equipment in fields of general machinery construction and building, equipment for shops producing steel fixtures and reinforcement structures and constructional cargo gigs.

Filters – designed to meet environment requirements, ensure a normal working environment as well as discharging of the finest fractions at the different technological processes. We have kno-how of the following kinds of filters:
- dry sleeve impulse filters;
- wet inertia filters.

Spare parts and equipment for ceramic plants.

The rich production range of articles is grounded by the fact that the company has at its disposal with design CAD systems, tool and technological equipment: belt cutting and circular machines, guillotine cutting machines up to 20 mm, bending machines, hydraulic presses up to 250 t, excentric presses from 63 to 250 t, bending rolls, milling machines, planers, coordinate machines as well as a wide range of machines with CNC control, welding machines and aggregates for hand arc welding and aggregates for СО2 – shielded arc welding.

Our quality control systems are in accordance with European norms and standarts concerning machinery construction and ISO 9001 Quality Assured in 2000, SGS Belgium.

The team of good trained workers, engineers, designers and managing staff gurantees for a high quality of the production.